The Teen Girls’ Guide to Guys, Sex, and Relationships…by Keenan Wilde

About Keenan Wilde

Keenan was obsessed with women for at least two decades.  He studied them, chased them, wooed them, and seduced them – lots of them –  because he loved them.  He said he was on the relentless search for his soul mate, but others (women mostly) said he had “commitment issues.”  Probably, both observations were correct.

Finally, Keenan “settled down” and got married.  Guess what?  He and his wife had two DAUGHTERS.  As they approached the teen years, Keenan wanted to prepare them for the wild times ahead.  He wanted to help them deal artfully with all types of guys, to find love and romance, to know the ins and outs of sex, and to create successful love relationships.

The result was a book and a blog, which he and his daughters decided to share with teen girls everywhere who are trying to figure out the whole guy thing.

By the way, you can visit Tsukasa, the talented  illustrator of Wild Times Ahead, at


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